Additives used in food supplements– before buying take a look at the ingredient list!

When reading the ingredient list of food supplements you can get a little bit confused  ̶  magnesium stearate, ethyl and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, maltodextrin, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, aspartame… Do you sometimes feel that the list never ends? Different additives can be of natural or synthetic origin and they can have several functions: for instance magnesium stearate [...]

Vegetarian – are you getting enough iron to prevent the sneaky iron deficiency?

Iron deficiency is one of the most common mineral deficiency in the world. It is believed that about half a billion people in the world suffer from iron deficiency. Iron deficiency develops step by step: first body´s iron stores are depleted (ferritin) and after that anemia, i.e. low hemoglobin level, will develop. Iron deficiency anemia [...]

Be smart and prevent iron deficiency during pregnancy

After the first doctor´s appointment and various tests, the results show low hemoglobin and ferritin (iron stores) levels. The doctor suggests consuming additional iron in order to experience a carefree pregnancy and birth. Pharmacy shelves are full of different supplements. How to make the right decision – based on price, ingredients, iron salt? Syrup or [...]

Vitamin K in nettle – what is it all about?

Quite often we hear the question, if and how much does nettle in Nôgel´s iron food supplement influence blood clotting? Nettle and nettle extract can be found in several iron food supplements (especially in liquid form), so nettle is a well-known ingredient in iron food supplements. In case you have been wondering about the same [...]

Iron deficiency anemia – how much iron and for how long?

Anemia, a condition, when red blood cells’ count is below the norm or the amount of hemoglobin in red cells is below the norm – is a very common problem. According to the World Health Organization, about one fourth of the world´s population suffer from anemia. The most common type of anemia is iron deficiency [...]

Nôgel’s long-awaited iron food supplement has finally arrived

Active product development, testing and analysis have now been successfully completed and a unique iron food supplement is ready – developed in Estonia and produced in co-operation with the best food supplement experts. Nôgel´s iron food supplement contains 20 mg of iron bisglycinate that has high bioavailability. Iron bisglycinate is stomach-friendly, does not cause gastrointestinal [...]

Iron food supplements – what do you need to know about different iron salts? Take a moment before purchasing and find out!

One thing is certain – there are a lot of iron food supplements out there and they often cause different side effects, mainly constipation and nausea. The main difference between iron food supplements are the iron salt and the amount of iron used in the supplement. Sulphate, fumarate, gluconate, citrate, and bisglycinate – the average [...]

Synthetic ascorbic acid vs natural Acerola cherry powder – what type of vitamin C should be preferred in iron food supplements?

Perhaps you have noticed that iron food supplements almost always contain ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in its synthetic form. Vitamin C contributes to iron absorption and, thus plays an important role in iron food supplements. You can also find Acerola cherry pills and powder in food supplements as these are natural sources of vitamin C. Nôgel´s iron food supplement contains organic certified freeze-dried Acerola cherry powder.