Nôgel was founded in 2017 after an innovation project in co-operation with Estonian University of Life Sciences, when two Estonian girls – Laura and Birgit – had trouble increasing their body iron levels and not many high-quality and efficient iron supplements were available on the market. This is how the idea of creating an iron food supplement developed in Estonia was born, where in addition to high bioavailability iron bisglycinate only four natural ingredients would be used. It is very important to us that all ingredients are pure and natural, so we decided firmly to use only ingredients harvested without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It also made sense to pack the supplement that we put so much effort into environmentally friendly packages. Now our selection consists of many different high quality food supplements. Nature friends as we are, we added another nice feature to the product – in co-operation with Estonian State Forest Management Centre we plant a tree in Estonia for every jar sold and donate 5 cents to local children´s charity for every other product sold.

Did you know that …

nettle in dialectic Estonian is called ’nogulane’? This is where the name Nôgel comes from.



The first time I started using iron food supplements was when my blood test showed low ferritin levels. As there were a lot of different iron food supplements on the market, I first decided to find out which iron form was recommended and why. Thanks to the fact that we were already conducting a research project on nettle, the idea to develop a high-quality iron food supplement in co-operation with experts in the field of food supplements was born. Now our selection consists of many different high-quality food supplements, but it all started with only one iron supplement.

I myself used Nôgel´s iron food supplement during pregnancy, started with 20 mg of iron a day in the beginning of pregnancy, and from week 19, took 80 mg of iron a day until the end of pregnancy. By doing this, I managed to keep my iron levels up and to avoid anemia. My hemoglobin and ferritin levels were good both before giving birth as well as 3 months after.I recommend Nôgel during pregnancy because iron bisglycinate is of the highest quality and has the best absorption of all the iron salts used in food supplements and in OTC drugs, making it the most stomach-friendly form of iron.


The first time I had to use iron food supplements was in my teens, when I was prescribed strong iron pills. During the whole treatment period, I had a lot stomach problems, at the time I ignored it because I thought that it was a normal side effect. Years later, when I was faced with the same problem again, I did some homework before going to the pharmacy. I found out that iron has actually many different forms (fumarate, sulphate, bisglycinate etc.) some of which have better absorption than others. When looking at different packages in the pharmacy, you don´t usually think about that, iron is iron, but is it really? In 2017, me and Laura had an idea – to develop an iron food supplement with an ingredients list simple and clear enough that anyone could understand it without having to check chemistry books. An exciting product development phase and testing began and as a result the unique Nôgel iron food supplement was born. If you’re faced with the same problem as I was at that time, try Nôgel.