Vitamin C is one of the most favourite vitamins for dermatologists and for a reason! Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which reduces the impact of free radicals causing oxidative stress that our skin faces every day such as pollution.

These free radicals damage our skin and cause premature aging. Vitamin C is mainly used in skin care to clarify and even skin tone, reduce pigmentation, as an anti-age ingredient and to reduce imperfections.




  • even and clarify skin tone
  • reduce pigmentation and dark spots (especially new pigmentation that is caused by sun)
  • offer plenty of immediate and long-term moisture
  • SOD enzyme in products neutralizes the impact of oxidative stress and help to prevent premature aging
  • help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • improve skin elasticity and reduce flaking
  • reduce skin imperfections
  • are oil-free with non-comedogenic ingredients
  • are clinically and dermatologically tested in Estonia
  • free from essential oils and perfume


Charity is one of the most important values for us in Nôgel. For every product we donate 50 cents to Estonian Cancer Society for the prevention of skin cancer.

“It is said that best products are born from a personal need and this is how the vitamin C project also began! I had previously used many different vitamin C serums that could be purchased from Estonia and international webstores including iHerb, but every time something was missing.

I have used natural cosmetics for over 10 years and during that time I have learned that products containing different seed oils are not for me. After using such products for couple of weeks, I get nasty pimples. Oil-free natural cosmetic products are very difficult to find. This is also the reason why the vitamin C facial serum is an oil-free serum, which contains high quality plant extracts including unique Estonian nettle extract. I have also participated in serum´s clinical studies that was one of the most interesting phases of the whole project! 

Hopefully the vitamin C  product line surprises you positively and don´t hesitate to share your experience :)”

In co-operation

Clinically and dermatologically tested

The vitamin C product line has been clinically and dermatologically tested. The efficacy of products was tested during 2 months´ time in cooperation with a dermatologist.

The aim of the serum clinical trial was to understand the efficacy of the serum for reducing pigmentation, even and clarify skin tone and reduce signs of aging.

During the clinical trials of the creams, we analyzed the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) of the subjects and determined the level of hydration/moisture of the skin surface (Stratum corneum). In addition, a dermatologist performed a dermatological examination at the beginning of the study and 2 months after using the creams.

Biomarker tests

Different biomarkers specific to normal skin were analyzed during 3 weeks usage of vitamin C facial serum with skin molecular tests (transdermal analysis patch TAP) in order to evaluate possible skin irritation. Vitamin C facial serum did not cause any skin irritation to participants of clinical studies.



  • reduced pigmentation
  • softened fine wrinkles
  • during the use skin was more clear with less pimples
  • reduced milia, i.e. small white pumps that appear on the skin

Eye, day and night cream

  • the moisture content of cheek area and under eyes increased during the clinical trial of using three creams
  • skin elasticity improved
  • skin oiliness and structure was more even
  • superficial wrinkles were reduced, skin was tighter and smoother
  • skin flaking in one clinical trial participant had resolved
  • fine capillary dilatations on the cheeks of one subject became lighter
  • acne rash that occurred in one subject was more superficial and there were fewer foci on the cheeks
  • acne pigmented residual spots that occurred in one subject, were lighter and had fewer inflammatory foci
  • there were less papules and spots, which were present in one subject

In summary, it can be said that during the two-month period, the skin hydration of the test subjects improved. Dryness, roughness and flaking of the skin receded, the skin structure became smoother and more even, and the skin became tighter. It was also noticeable that fine wrinkles became more superficial, spots became lighter, acne breakouts decreased and became less inflamed.

How to use

Vitamin C products are suitable for all skin types for young and mature skin for year-round use. Products are ideal for 25+ skin care and for skin with imperfections. Products are based on water, aloe vera and birch sap and do not include comedogenic ingredients.

Apply a thin layer of product (press pump once or max twice) to face and neck in the mornings and evenings after cleaning your face. As products include also hyaluronic acid, we suggest patting some water gently to your face after using the serum – to get the maximum effect! Use serum before moisturizing creams. 

The serum includes also sugar molecules and right after applying the serum you may feel that your skin is a tiny bit sticky – this is normal and goes away once the serum has been fully absorbed in couple of minutes. Vitamin C serum can also be used as an eye serum.

Use sun protection when spending time in the sun.

Store bottles in an upright position. If the bottle has been on its side, e.g. while traveling, wait 5 minutes before using the product. The airtight bottle works optimally when stored upright.