Iron is a part of hemoglobin. The role of hemoglobin is to transport oxygen in the body. Low iron levels in the body can cause fatigue, weakness, feeling short of breath, pale skin, palpitations, dizziness, irritability and, in case of severe iron deficiency, even chest pain. There are many different symptoms and having a certain sympton does not always imply iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency is very common nowadays and high-risk groups include women in fertile age, pregnant women, the elderly and also children. People who tend to consume too much dairy products also have the risk of developing iron deficiency due to calcium being one of the main inhibitors of iron absorption.

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It is best to take iron food supplements in the morning on an empty stomach – then absorption is the best. For some people iron may cause nausea, so it is generally advised to take iron with food. This, however, weakens the absorption.


Do not take iron with these foods: Coffee, tea, dairy and foods rich in calcium. Caffeine and tannin can affect iron absorption and calcium is the main blocker of iron absorption. You should wait for a couple of hours between taking iron and thyroid hormone thyroxine. In order to contribute to better iron absorption, you can take the iron food supplement with orange juice or other drinks rich in vitamin C.


In Estonia, the recommended daily dosage for adults is 14 mg, during pregnancy 20-25 mg and for children 8-15 mg. In case of low iron stores in the body, it is often not sufficient to consume 14 mg a day. In that case, it is advised to consume iron regularly and in greater amounts. Before using iron food supplements, it is advised to check blood ferritin level and consult with a physician or a midwife. Read more about dosages HERE.


14 MG


20-25 MG


8-15 MG