The name of vitamin B12, cobalamin, comes from its cobalt content. Vitamin B12 is the only water-soluble vitamin that is stored to our bodies and which has long half life – around one year in the liver. In case of insufficient vitamin B12 intake, it takes usually years before it is possible to diagnose vitamin B12 deficiency.

We need vitamin B12 for normal amino acid metabolism, formation of red blood cells and normal development of nervous system. We get vitamin B12 active forms only from animal-based and vitamin B12 enriched plant-based foods.

Used literature

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Consulting with Estonian Children´s Hospital neurologist.

How to use the product

Vitamin B12-drops can be dosed in two different ways: drop on the tongue and swallow for absorption through gut or drop under the tongue for absorption through mucosa (in case of malabsorption through gut).

B12 content

B12 drops for infants and children 1 drop consists of 100 μg of vitamin B12. It is easier for medical staff to make dose guidelines and also dosing mistakes (under- and overdosing) are smaller. B12 drops for the whole family 1 drop consists of 500 μg. In case of low B12 level normal treatment is 500 μg daily for infants and also adults. For babies you can use infant version 5 drops daily to reduce over- and underdosing mistakes.

B12 absorption

Vitamin B12 is absorbed by around 2 μg by active and about 1% by passive method. When vitamin B12 amounts are high, passive method is the primary one, which also dominates in supplements.

Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) may react with certain drugs, thus, drugs and B12 should be taken separately at least with an hour interval